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As a serial entrepreneur with a keen focus on business development and mental health, I integrate a holistic approach to empower my clients. I am dedicated to identifying unmet needs and providing the necessary resources to satisfy these, guiding clients through their business journey to ensure they achieve their fullest potential, both personally and professionally.

Growing up as a second-generation American, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of business inequities. This personal history fuels my commitment to supporting others who face similar barriers, ensuring they receive the opportunities they deserve.

Over the past decade, I have honed my expertise by working with numerous businesses, offering both mental health and business consultations. My journey has been one of perseverance and learning; from facing initial rejections to launching a thriving tax preparation company, I’ve transformed every challenge into a stepping stone towards success.

I specialize in distilling complex business knowledge into accessible, actionable strategies, removing unnecessary complexity to focus solely on effective solutions. This approach has empowered many small business owners to achieve financial success and operational efficiency under my guidance.

I am not just a consultant; I am a partner in your journey to success— committed to turning potential into achievement.

Customized Content for Maximum Impact

Understanding the diverse challenges faced by global corporations, I meticulously tailor my sessions to align with your corporate strategies and leadership goals. Whether it’s fostering resilient leadership or enhancing team dynamics, my workshops are designed to scale seamlessly from focused team sessions to comprehensive company-wide initiatives, supporting your objectives of cultivating a thriving corporate culture.

ROI-Driven Results

My engagements are grounded in a commitment to deliver tangible outcomes. Working with different size companies, I’ve helped enhance employee engagement, significantly improve customer satisfaction, and achieve substantial reductions in turnover rates. I provide frameworks not only for implementing these strategies but also for measuring their success, ensuring that your investment yields measurable benefits.

Leadership Development

With extensive experience addressing the unique needs of top-tier executives, I offer specialized content that sharpens essential leadership skills. My programs equip leaders to effectively manage change, drive innovation, and foster an environment of continuous improvement. By enhancing decision-making capabilities and strategic thinking, I help you build a leadership team that’s equipped to navigate the complexities of today’s business world.

Innovative Approaches and Cutting-Edge Research

As a speaker at the forefront of industry trends, I integrate the latest research in psychology, business management, and leadership into my workshops. This approach not only keeps your team updated with the newest insights but also encourages the adoption of innovative strategies that can be applied directly to daily business operations.

Engage with Me

Let’s collaborate to transform how your team approaches their roles, fostering an environment where both employees and leaders thrive. With a focus on practical, impactful strategies and a passion for results, I am ready to help your company achieve its full potential.


At Honey Consulting, we adopt a holistic approach to serving our clients, respecting their privacy while deeply caring about their overall well-being. We recognize that factors like finances and the broader business ecosystem play pivotal roles in the success of your business. It’s common to excel in some areas while needing support in others that are critical for growth. We’re here to identify and address these gaps, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that enhances every aspect of your business.


We provide expertise in financial literacy, encompassing everything from basic accounting to advanced financial strategies. For areas outside our direct expertise, we connect you with leading specialists to ensure you receive the best advice possible. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to manage and expand your financial health effectively.


Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end with the completion of a project. We forge lasting relationships, providing ongoing support and consultation as needed. Our clients are valued members of our professional network, and we are dedicated to their continuous success. This enduring commitment means we’re always just a call away for further guidance and support.

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